• Mn–Th 12–23
  • Fr 12–02
  • St 14–02
  • Sn 14–23



Balik Peynir 7.50€
Salted salmon served with fried parmesan cheese, toast, cream cheese, fresh herbs, olives and lemon

Kaliostro calamari rings 5.50€
Fried calamari rings in garlic sauce

Fried Mozzarella sticks with cowberry jam 6.00€

Shepherd’s choice of cheeses 12.00€
Assortment of French and Italian cheeses. Three kinds of 50 g each

Aadama garlic bread 3.50€
Garlic breads with garlic sauce

Traveler’s snack 2.50€
Fried potato skin with garlic sauce

Dardanella cheese balls 5.50€
Cheese balls in garlic sauce

Clochard appetizer for two 11.00€
Fried cheese balls, chicken wings, fried potato skins, garlic bread

Izmir basturma 6.00€
Beef jerky slices

Onion rings with D'or Blue sauce 4.50€

Saarema appetizer 7.00€
Potato croquets with salted salmon, sour cream, olives and lemon

Large shrimp platter 15.00€
Deep-fried golden prawns in shell, tiger prawn tails with garlic and sweet-chilli sauce

Breaded tiger prawn tails 9.00€
Deep-fried tiger prawn tails with sweet chilli sauce


Bosphorus 7.50€
Warm salad with grilled beef filet

Coban salad with Feta cheese 5.50€
Fresh cucumber, tomato, paprika, olives, Feta cheese

Coban salad with seagifts 7.50€
Fresh cucumber, tomato, paprika, olives, seagifts

Caesar salad with chicken fillet 7.50€

Caesar salad with salmon fillet 8.50€

Caesar salad with grilled royal shrimp tails 8.50€

Somon salad 8€
Salted salmon, tomato, cappers, fresh greens, lime- olive oil sauce


Balik Corbasi fish soup 5.00€
Cream soup with salmon

Mantar Corbasi mushroom soup 4.50€
Cream soup with field mushrooms

Georgian harcho 5.50€
Spicy lamb meat soup

Meat dishes

Corn Chicken Fillet *250g 12.50€
Corn fed chicken fillet, served with couscous, grilled vegetables and cheese sauce with brokoli

Juku spicy patty *200g 19.00€
Beef steak in cognac-spicy sauce. Wok vegetables, steamed potatoes.

Lyon beef *200g 15.00€
Grilled beef filet, oven-baked potatoes, vegetables in red wine sauce with cherries

Bosphorus Rack of Pork *350g 12.50€
Rack of pork baked with rosemary and garlic, served with roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables and cheese sauce with brokoli

Nofred duck fillet *300g 15.00€
Roasted duck fillet (medium) with wine sauce, potato croquettes and cream cheese

Fish dishes

Abbat Talemani river trout *350-450g 13.50€
Fried river trout filled with shrimps with grilled vegetables and rice

Mannerheim salmon filet 200g 13.50€
Salmon steak in smoked cheese sauce with wok vegetables and fries


Samtredia pork shish kebab *350g 8.00€

Keremit kebab (chicken) *350g 7.50€

Vizier meal for two *1000g 26.00€
Grilled mixed meats: lamb shish kebab, turkey shish kebab, pork shish kebab, chicken shish kebab

Captain Nemo Dorada *350g-450g 14.00€
Grilled Mediterranean Dorada fish with lemon and rosemary

Izgara Somon 12.00€
Grilled salmon steak *200g with garlic-yoghurt sauce

BBQ pork with french fries *200g 9.00€

Shish kebab from chicken fillet *300g 9.50€
Chicken fillet shish kebab with honey-mustard sauce

Kuzu rack of lamb *350g 14.50€
Grilled rack of lamb with Narsarab sauce

Side dishes

Roasted potatoes with herbs 2.50€

Garlic potatoes 2.90€

French fries 2.50€

Rice 2.50€

Grilled vegetables 6.00€

Pasta and Khinkali

Frutte De Mare 9.00€
Salmon, shrimps, royal shrimp tails and mussels

Pasta Carbonara 7.00€
Fried bacon

Pasta Venice 8.00€
Cream pasta with mushrooms and chicken fillet

Lamb Khinkali with garlic and spicy Ezme sauces 7.00€

Aziza dumplings 6.50€
With lamb minced meat and sour cream


Cananas 9.00€
Cheese, smoked chicken, pineapple, paprika, sauce

Fraceskana 9.00€
Cheese, ham, mushrooms, paprika, sauce

Mafiozo 9.00€
Cheese, ham, onion, olives, paprika, mushrooms, sauce

Margarita 8.00€
Tomato, mozzarella, basil

Antalya 9.00€
Cheese, garlic sauce, chicken fillet, champignons


Pancakes with roasted salmon 6.00€

Pancakes with mushrooms and cream 5.00€

Pancakes with bacon and mozarella 5.00€

Pancakes with chicken, pineapple and D'or Blue cheese 5.00€

Pancakes with ice cream and jam 5.00€

Pancakes with jam and sour cream 5.00€

Pancakes with roasted bananas and chocolate 5.00€


Chocolate fondant 5.50€

Cheesecake with mango sauce 4.50€

Ice cream with cookies and melted chocolate 5.00€

Ice cream Flambe 5.00€

White chocolate cake with blueberry sauce 5.50€

Child menu

Sausages and fries 4.50€

Chicken nuggets with fries 4.50€

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